Are We There Yet?

Many of you may remember a movie from 2005 titled, “Are We There Yet?”  It involved two children on a road trip, and the various distractions that occurred along the way.  And naturally, the question continued to surface, “Are we there yet?”  The movie was followed by a sitcom by the same name which ran for about three years.

If you are a parent who has ever taken a trip with small children, you know that this question was raised long before the movie came out.  Perhaps as a child, you may personally remember asking this question.

Starting that long trip, you may not even get out of town before someone wants to know, “Are we there yet?  Are we almost there?  How much longer?”  Technology has helped to some degree with automobile trips, but prior to DVD’s, video games, and cell phones, it was often quite a challenge to take children on long road trips.  Patience was often short-lived.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”  And yet, most of us seem to be destination oriented, and have very little tolerance with the journey.  Seems as though everyone is in a rush to get to the next place.

Life comes in seasons, but for many, we seldom enjoy the season we are in, for we are constantly longing for the next season.  Striving to get to our next destination.

It seems to start early, as most children can’t wait to start school.  Then the process begins — can’t wait to get to high school, can’t wait to be able to drive, can’t wait to get out of high school, leave home and go to college, and on and on and on the cycle continues.  And then one day, “I’ll be so glad when I get out of college and get a job.”

So we get a job.  “Is it break time yet?  Is it Friday yet?  Is it time for my vacation?  I can’t wait to buy a home.  I can’t wait to get married and have kids.  I can’t wait for the kids to go to school, can’t wait for school to be out, can’t wait for school to start again, can’t wait until the kids are grown, can’t wait to retire…”

Life comes at you fast.  You blink, and everything you couldn’t wait for has happened, and suddenly, where did your life go?  All this time we were focused on the destination, and missed so much of the journey.  We are constantly looking for some point in time when we “arrive.”

Hurrying from one season to the next, appears to be the norm.  Even with our natural seasons, how often do we hear someone say, “I’m tired of this cold weather, I’ll be so glad with spring is here.”  Or, “I’m tired of this hot weather, I’ll be so glad when fall gets here.”

Wishing from one season to the next, and never stopping to realize that each season, on the calendar and in our lives, was designed for a particular purpose.  Every season of life that you go through is designed for you in a particular way.

I can truthfully say, concerning the season I am currently in, there have been many, many, many days that I have asked God, “Are we there yet, God?  How long will this season last, God?  Am I almost finished, God?  How much longer, God?”

And yet, as long and difficult as this season has been, I am constantly reminded of the fact that I have the opportunity to learn something unique in this season, that is unlike any other.  One of my prayers each morning is:  Show me Your ways, teach me Your paths, lead me in Your truth, and teach me.  You are the God of my salvation, and I wait on You, all day.  (Psalm 25:4-5)

Whatever season you may be in, I would encourage you to learn what is being offered to you.  Every season is important.  There are reasons for the seasons.  Winter, spring, summer and fall, all have their own unique and distinct characteristics.  Some we like.  Some we dislike.  And so it is with seasons of life.

Perhaps you’ve been asking, “Are we there yet?  How much longer?”

If you’re in a hurry to get to the next season, or destination, take some time to consider the journey.  There is something valuable in the season you are in, that you need to carry to your next season.  Don’t miss your opportunity to learn the lessons of this season that God has prepared for you.

The prize is not always at the destination.  You may be surprised what you can find in the journey.

Don’t minimize what God is maximizing.  Savor the season!

Are we there yet?

Still believing!

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  1. What an amazing word. I enjoy the journey. Our path may not always contain rose petals, but at the end of our life path, our New Life begins, no pain, no sorrow, only joy. Ray, I so enjoy reading your blog, I continue to pray for you.

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