Did You See The Arrow?

You may be one of those who saw the arrow years ago, and that’s great.  It was only recently for me,  so please allow me to share this simple life lesson, and if you happen to be one of those who has not yet seen the arrow, may this be a life lesson for you, as well.

Several months ago, Vicki and I were showing homes to a couple of clients who were preparing to move to Nashville.  They were riding in the car with us through a neighborhood, and with a somewhat random comment, the gentleman asked, “Did you see the arrow?”

Since the question appeared out of nowhere, and was totally unrelated to real estate, I was somewhat taken aback.  Thinking maybe he was referring to a road sign, a slight tinge of fear entered my mind, as I thought I may have turned down a oneway street going the wrong way.

I asked, “What did you say?”

He replied, “On that truck that just passed, did you see the arrow?”

No, in fact, I was not even sure what truck he was referring to.  We were in a somewhat congested area and there were several cars and trucks around us, so that truck meant nothing to me.

He continued, “On the FedEx truck, did you see the arrow?”

Now FedEx was founded in 1971, and in my lifetime, I have no idea how many FedEx vehicles I have seen.  I can safely say that I have seen a lot of them, everywhere, and not one time have I ever seen an arrow on a FedEx truck.

Or, have I?

Within the next fifteen minutes, or so, as we continued to drive, we happened to stop next to another FedEx truck.

He said, “There it is.  Right there.  See it, between the E and the X?”

Suddenly the strangest feeling came over me.  The light bulb came on, and I saw something that I had never seen before.  For several moments I stared at that logo, feeling somewhat foolish, and at the same time amused.  I had seen it, but I had missed something.  There it was.  Right in front of me.  I saw the arrow.

Now I had seen this logo hundreds of times, probably thousands, and my eyes had never once focused on that arrow.

Of all the times that I had seen the logo, the arrow had always been there.  It wasn’t as if the arrow wasn’t there, or just appeared.  No, it had been there all the time, and I had seen it, but I hadn’t really seen it.

It’s so big.  It’s so clear.  It’s so plain.

How could I have missed something so obvious, and yet, how often does this happen in life with not just a company’s logo, but with circumstances, other people, with events of life, and even with God?  Obvious things that are right in front of us, and we never focus on them.  Looking at the big picture, we miss the fine details.

May I encourage you to begin looking for the arrow.

Whether it’s a crisis in your home, or your marriage — look for the arrow.
Maybe you’ve lost something or someone that was dear to you — look for the arrow.
That person who rubs you the wrong way, every time you see them — look for the arrow.
If you’re in pain or suffering — look for the arrow.

I’m convinced that every day God is showing us things, but we are not clearly focusing.  Within this past year, I have seen attributes and characteristics of God that I had never seen before.  Or, had I?  God has not changed, but now I’m focusing on things and seeing things I had never realized.  Those attributes have always been there, but I’m just beginning to see them.

It’s amazing how perspective can change what we see.

I can honestly say that since the day that I first saw the arrow, there has not been one time that I have seen a FedEx vehicle that I have not seen that arrow.  When you finally see it, you will always see it.

Oh yes, there’s also a spoon in that same logo, but that will be for another time.

Did you see the arrow?

Still believing!

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