GPS – God’s Positioning System


GPS, or Global Positioning System is a network of orbiting satellites that send precise details of their position in space back to earth.  The signals

are obtained by GPS receivers, such as navigation devices and are used to calculate the exact position, speed and time at the instruments location.

The U.S. Department of Defense developed the system, which originally used 24 satellites.  The first satellite in the system, Navstar 1, was launched February 22, 1978.  It became fully operational in 1995.

We now use this technology almost every day.  We have it in our cars, our phones, our watches — we have a GPS everywhere.  How did we ever get along without it?  Well, for those who may not be old enough to remember we had what we called a “map.”  Yes, I’m showing my age because I remember maps.

The GPS has definitely made our travel better.  And yet, how ofter do we hear, or see, the dreaded words “recalculating” or “rerouting.”  There are a number of reasons why this happens, but one of the most prevalent is when we miss a turn.

We may be talking, or just not paying attention, but when we don’t follow the designated route, the GPS must recalculate, or reroute us.  Our destination has not changed, but because we have not followed the preferred route, the quickest or the easiest, the GPS must find another way to get us to that destination.  Because we miss a turn, it may not be the quickest or the easiest, but the goal of the GPS is get you to the destination you have selected.

In my own personal life, I like to refer to GPS as God’s Positioning System.  If you are a Believer, His Word clearly states that the steps of a righteous person are ordered, or directed by the Lord.  (Psalms 37:23)

Sounds easy enough, and yet, life happens.  Through circumstances and/or choices we often find ourselves off of our preferred route.  The route that I’m currently on is definitely not one that I would have chosen, or picked had I been given a choice.  It is not my preferred route.

You, also, may be on a route that you didn’t choose.  If, through your choices, or through life events that you had no control over, you feel you have made a wrong turn, understand that God’s Positioning System is able to reroute you to where you need to be.

His Word is a lamp and a light for your path.  (Psalms 119:105)

When you make a wrong turn, or you miss a turn, understand that your destination has not changed.  Only the path that gets you there has changed.  It may not be the quickest or most direct, but God still has a destination for you, and He may have to use an alternate route to get you there.

When I’m using my GPS to get to an unfamiliar destination, I have to trust the GPS.  Even though the route may be unexpected, I trust the GPS, and most of the time, it works.

If the route in this life you are presently on is unfamiliar to you, and you constantly feel that you are recalculating or rerouting — trust God’s Positioning System.  If you don’t see any way that this path is going to get you to your destination — trust God’s Positioning System.  His system is far more accurate and reliable than those in your car and your phone, and He wants you to get to your destination, even more than you do.

Don’t stop in the process.  Allow His positioning system to direct you.  You may be closer than you think.

Still believing!

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