Pop Quiz

Pop quiz has been defined as a test given without prior warning, an unexpected series of questions.  This is generally referred to in classroom settings, however, I’ve found that it also applies in life.

To say that I was never a big fan of tests in school, would be a major understatement.
In fact, I subscribed to the theory that tests cause stress, and I was doing everything I could to eliminate stress.  I remember longing for the day when I would graduate, and finally be through with tests.  And then reality hit.  Life is full of tests.

I can recall going to class, feeling good with great expectations for that particular day, and suddenly the teacher announced, “Today, we’re going to have a pop quiz.”  All at once this sick knot appeared in my stomach.  Not only did I not like tests that were scheduled, but I especially hated the dreaded, “pop quiz.”

But wait, not today.  I didn’t prepare for this.  I’m not ready.  Why didn’t you let us know this was coming?  I need more time to study.

How quickly everything changes.

The tests are passed out.

It’s okay.  Just breathe.  I’ve been trained to take tests.  Slowly read through the first question, and if you are not sure about the answer, then just go to the next question.  If you’re not sure about that one, go to the next, and so on.  Go through and answer only those questions you are sure of, and then go back and give yourself some time to think about the others.

But, this is not looking good.  I’ve read through every question on the first page, and I didn’t know any of the answers.  The second page will be better.

The second page has been read and I still haven’t answered one question.  Surely, the third page will be different.

Page by page I go through this test, and it’s becoming very scary.  For all of the questions, I haven’t come up with any answers.  I wasn’t ready for this.

Day by day, and some days, hour by hour, I feel like I’ve gone through the pages of this test, and haven’t been able to come up with any answers.  This just isn’t right. I feel totally unprepared.

But then, are we ever really prepared for the tests of life?  How many times have we been challenged with a “pop quiz” in life.  Everything seemed to be fine.  All was well.  Life was good, and without warning, in a moment, everything changed.  We are hit with a test that we didn’t see coming.  From out of nowhere, we are challenged with circumstances that we didn’t ask for, that we didn’t deserve, and at times, that was not our fault.

We tell God, “I’m not prepared for this.  I’m not ready.  Why didn’t You let me know this was coming?”

There are some things we face in life, that we can never adequately prepare for.  Those are the times we are encouraged not to lean on our own understanding, but to trust in the Lord, with our whole heart.  It’s okay.  You don’t have to have all the answers.  Whatever comes your way, acknowledge God, and He has promised to direct your paths. (Proverbs 3:5,6)

Tests are always easier when you know the answers.  If you find that you don’t have the answers, at least make sure you have access to the One who does.

Still believing!

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